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About Health News Here

You need the public to be talking about you and your medical practice or health services and solutions.  Why let someone else get all the glory?  That’s what our team at Health News Here does.  We are public relations specialists for medical and health experts.  We work to raise your profile and to build your brand, by getting you on the news as an expert. 

We combine creative public relations campaigns with 26 years of news media experience.  Mr. Landry, our company President, worked as a TV News Anchor and Reporter for 26 years in six different states. He also worked as a local TV community affairs show host and producer for almost a decade. He was on the receiving end of public relations pitches for nine years.

No one understands how to get your public relations news pitch in front of the right decision makers better than our team at Health News Here.  We are experts on the art of crafting the public relations pitch, skillfully writing the news release and knowing exactly when to send it out to which decision makers.  Complete knowledge of these subtle details creates success for our clients.

Mr. Landry has worked as a public relations consultant since 2010, gaining news media coverage for a variety of health experts, companies and non-profit groups.  He has a strong vision to meet his clients’ needs.  He understands how to place clients in news media interviews amid a rapidly changing media landscape across America.  You are welcome to email us at pr@healthnewshere.com for more information. 

We work to get you on the news as an expert!